Project status and results

Project status and results

The FOREMMS project has been successfully completed. Now we go ahead with the aim to apply the competence and knowledge that we have acquired. The FOREMMS prototype is available as a basis for all monitoring systems for European forests.

Project status and results in year 2002

October - December 2002

  • Final Annual Review, CEC, Brussels. Project successfully completed.

July - September 2002

  • System demonstration completed.
  • System verfication completed.
  • EnviroInfo Vienna 2002, Vienna, Austria. Qazzaz, B.; Abdolhaq, B., Tamajon, D., Rexachs, D. and Luque, E. (2002) "A system for data collection of environmental Information" and Maguire, M. (2002): "User requirements and prototyping for forest and climate change information systems"
  • ForestSAT Symposium, Edinburgh, Scotland. Rognes, A., Fjørtoft, R., Solberg, R., "FOREMMS - A System Prototype for Large Scale Environmental Forest Monitoring" and Maguire, M. (2002): "User-centred design for the FOREMMS forestry monitoring system"

April - June 2002

  • System demonstration kicked off.
  • IGARSS 2002, Toronto, Canada. Roger Fjørtoft, Rune Solberg and Anders Rognes: An Advanced Forest Environmental and Management System - Conceptual Overview of the FOREMMS Prototype. Presented by Roger Fjørtoft.
  • First electronic newsletter for 2002 issued on April 29th (Download in PDF)
  • 2 day workshop arranged at Norwegian Computing Center in Oslo for training in FOREMMS system for node operators.

January - March 2002

  • 19-22 January 2002, Beijing, China. Workshop on ICT cooperation Norwegian Prime Minister Delegation to China. Presentation of FOREMMS and other projects. Attended by Rune Solberg, NR
  • Annual Report 2 completed and submitted to the Commission
  • Annual review conducted in Brussels

Project status and results in year 2001

October - December 2001

  • 3-5 December 2001 First Conference of Spatial Information Systems in Polish State Forest, Rogow, Poland
    Wezyk P., 2001 – “ Forest Environmental Monitoring and Management System (FOREMMS) – the newest geoinformation technologies in European forestry”.
  • 15/12 2001 Niepolomice Forest Group Workshop, Cracow "FOREMMS - Annual Report for 2001" - Piotr Wezyk, Krystian Koziol
  • Fourth electronic newsletter for 2001 issued on December 11th (Download in PDF)
  • Third electronic newsletter for 2001 issued on November 14th (Download in PDF)
  • Second newsletter onpaper for issued on November 6th (Download in PDF - NB! big file zipped to 12,4Mb))
  • Second electronic newsletter for 2001 issued on October 8th (Download in PDF)

July - September 2001

  • First electronic newsletter for 2001 issued on August 22nd (Download in PDF)
  • EMEA 2001, 25-27 September 2001. International Symposium on Environmental Monitoring in East Asia - Remote Sensing and Forests, Proceedings of EMEA 2001, 17 p., Kanazawa, Japan. Hallikainen, M., Pulliainen, J., Praks, J., Remote sensing of northern forests and land use.
  • IST Cluster meeting Environmental Information and Standardisation, 19 September 2001. Attended by Roger Fjørtoft (NR), Francesc Cruz (COMELTA), and Graham Meller (ELEINT)
  • Final workshop of the EU project Transnational Network of Environmental Laboratories, Tuscany Regional Government, Florence, Italy, 14-15 September 2001. Frosini P., Maselli F., Solberg S. (2001) "The Forest Environmental Monitoring and Management System (FOREMMS)". Poster exhibition.
  • First International Workshop on the Analysis of Multitemporal Remote Sensing Images. University of Trento, Trento, Italy, 13-14 September 2001. Chiesi M., Bonora L., Maselli F., Bindi M., Fibbi L. (2001) "Simulation of forest ecosystem processes by the analysis of multitemporal NOAA-AVHRR NDVI images"
  • 3rd International Symposium on Retrieval of Bio- and Geophysical Parameters from SAR Data for Land Applications SCEOS, University of Sheffield, UK, 11-14 September 2001. Jaan Praks, Martti Hallikainen: Remote sensing of boreal forest with polarimetric L- and C-band SAR. Presented by Martti Hallikainen.
  • 2001 AISA Flight Campaign completed on August 20th.
  • IGARSS 2001, 9-13 July 2001, Sydney, Australia Praks, J., Alasami, H., Hallikainen, M., (2001): Polarimetric properties of boreal forest in L- and C-band SAR images. Presented by Martti Hallikainen
  • Fifth EUROLAT-IS Thematic Workshop, Information Society Technologies for the Environment and Tourism, Quito, Ecuador, 9-11 July 2001. Forest Environmental Monitoring and Management System CEC FP5 IST project. Presented by Rune Solberg
  • RSS2001 Spatial Modelling, Theme Conference of the Royal Statistical Society, Glasgow, 4-6 July 2001. Gudmund Høst, Gunnhildur Høgnadottir Steinbakk, Ingunn Fride Tvete, Øivind Skare, Cristiano Varin: A generalised linear mixed model for multiple scale remote sensing data

April - June 2001

  • Annual cost statement submitted to CEC
  • Co-operation of Decision Makers, Scientists and Practitioners for the Promotion of Sustainable Development and European Integration Krakow (Cracow) - 18 - 19/6 2001. Paper presented by AUC.
  • The Forest Environmental Monitoring and Management System (FOREMMS) project, International workshop on Geo-Spatial Knowledge Processing for Natural Resource Management, June 28-29, 2001, University of Insubria, Varese, Italy. Paper presented by NR.
  • Calibration and application of Forest-Bgc in a Mediterranean area by the use of conventional and remote sensing data, by M. Chiesi, F. Maselli, M. Bindi, L. Fibbi, L. Bonora, A. Raschi, J. Cermak, Paper submitted to Ecological Modeling.
  • Simulazione dei flussi di carbonio ed acqua nella vegetazione terrestre: integrazione di informazioni telerilevate da satellite, by F. Maselli, M. Chiesi, M. Bindi, (Simulation of carbon and water fluxes in terrestrial vegetation: integration of satellite remote sensing information) Presented at the Workshop "La Biosfera osservata dallo spazio:temi di ricerca e tecniche di osserv zione", Accademia dei Georgofili, Logge Uffizi Corti, Firenze, 23 - 24 Aprile 2001.

January - March 2001

  • Annual Report 1 completed and submitted to the Commission
  • Proof-of-concept report completed and submitted to the Commission (not available outside the consortium)
  • Annual review conducted in Brussels
  • Will Perrott, ELE International: Taking a Step Towards Integrated Forest Management, Article in: International Environmental Technology Vol 2 Issue 1, January/February 2001

Project status and results in year 2000

October - December 2000

  • Dissemination and Use Plan completed (not available outside the consortium)
  • Evaluation Plan completed (not available outside the consortium)
  • First newsletter on paper released (Download in PDF)
  • Second electronic newsletter issued (Download in PDF)
  • First release of web pages
  • 2nd International Conference on Cadastre, Photogrammetry, Geoinformatics - Modern Technologies and Development Perspectives?, October 17-19. Paper on FOREMMS presented by AUC
  • FOREMMS brochure ready

July - September 2000

  • The Third International Symposium "Application of Remote Sensing in Forestry",Faculty of Forestry, Technical University in Zvolen, Slovak Republic, Paper on FOREMMS presented by AUC
  • Work package 2 and work package 3 started
  • Pre-release of the FOREMMS web pages
  • Work package 1 completed
  • First electronic newsletter issued (Download in PDF)
  • System Design Report completed

April - June 2000

  • Workshop "Forest Information System", 16-20 May. Paper on FOREMMS presented by METLA
  • User Need Report completed
  • The FOREMMS project was represented at the Concertation Meeting in Brussels
  • The Project Quality Plan finalized and submitted to CEC

January - March 2000

  • User Needs Report version 1 completed
  • Test areas in the three test countries are selected
  • Work package 1 meeting kicked off
  • User needs and requirements collection started
  • Kick-off meeting arranged