Project Partners

Project Partners


NR: Norwegian research institute. Long experience in remote sensing, statistics and information technology. Will cover significant parts of the remote sensing and data analysis related tasks in the project in addition to the project administration and co-ordination.

Contact person: Rune Solberg



Principal Contractors:

ARTEC: Multidisciplinary group of Italian companies. Two of their companies within the IT sector will contribute to software development, data transfer, visualization and report/map generation in the project.

Contact person: Raffaele Rossi.

METLA: The Finnish Forest Research Institute (user partner) has a research station in Joensuu, which will be responsible for the boreal coniferous node. The research station is actively doing research on nutrients.

Contact person: Leena Finér.

AUC: The Department of Forest Ecology at the Agricultural University of Cracow (user partner) is responsible for the continental, temperate, mixed forest node just outside Cracow. The department is very active on research related to air-pollution effects on forest and applications of geomatics techniques.

Contact person: Piotr Wezyk

CNR-IBIMET: Is an Italian research institute (user partner) covering environmental analysis for the agricultural sector. Within the institute, there is a group that, in the last 15 years, has dealt with the application of satellite remote sensing to vegetation monitoring. The institute will cover the Mediterranean dry forest node.
Contact person: Paolo Frosini.

HUT: The Laboratory of Space Technology at the Helsinki University is the largest remote sensing unit in Finland and one of the most famous in the world. HUT will mainly cover research on airborne remote sensing and some high-resolution satellite data, including main responsibility for Level-1 software. The laboratory will do the airborne data collection with its own aircraft.

Contact person: Martti Hallikainen.

UAB: Technical University of Barcelona, Spain. Strong experience in processing-demanding algorithms. Will develop software for the PC field workstation.

Contact person: Tomàs Margalef.

Assistant Contractors:

LU-ESRI: British research institute with interests towards man-technology aspects. Will contribute to user-interface specification and has the overall responsibility for evaluation.

Contact person: Martin Maguire.

ELEINT: British company doing development and sale of automatic measurement stations for meteorological and environmental applications. Will be responsible for delivery and integration of the automatic field stations in the project.

Contact person: Will Perrott.

COMELTA: Spanish company for development and integration of electronics. Will modify portable PCs to be suitable for field workstations, including GPS.

Contact person: Francesc Cruz Cueva.