Environmental Monitoring Station

Environmental Monitoring Station

ELE is a leading manufacturer of testing and monitoring instrumentation for the Construction and Environmental industries. ELE have been manufacturing automatic weather stations for 15 years and have supplied systems to most countries throughout the world.

The Environmental Monitoring Station (EMS) provides a reliable and cost-effective method of recording meteorological and environmental data.

The EMS is a professional system which combines high performance with flexibility and ease of use.
  • Range of dataloggers
  • Large selection of sensors
  • Frames and towers from 2 to 10m high
  • Battery, mains and solar powered options
  • Communication by portable PC, cable to fixed PC, telephone line, mobile phone, or radio link
  • A range of over 30 standard sensors is available. Other sensors may be used depending on their characterisitics.

For the FOREMMS project we expect to use a system comprising datalogger, sensors, communication modem, frame and power supply. The standard MM900 series datalogger will be used because of its flexibility to add sensors as required

The choice of sensors will depend on the results of the research carried out in the early part of the FOREMMS project. We would expect weather parameters such as temperature, humidity, rainfall and wind speed to be measured. Other parameters like solar radiation, soil temperature and soil moisture could be measured. There may be some sensor development required to meet the specific needs of the project.
Data will be retrieved using telephone modems on the GSM mobile network. Software will be modified to allow automatic data collection and transfer to the FOREMMS database. It is expected that the systems will be powered by mains electricity with battery back-up. Where mains power is not available batteries with solar chargers can be used.