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SnowStar represents the next generation of snow mapping systems at Statkraft. SnowStar consists of three main components:
  • SnowStar Server
  • SnowStar Viewer and
  • SnowStar Intranet


Avalanche warning applying snow variables from satellite images

Sortering av retur

Sortering av retur i ulike sammenhenger har blitt et miljømessig viktig og fokusert område. For at en sorteringsløsning skal bli tatt i bruk er det imidlertid viktig med en høyest mulig grad av automatisering slik at sorteringen er enkel og kostnadseffektiv. Dette prosjektet fokuserer på effektive løsninger for automatisk retursortering gjennom identifikasjon av trykte objekter for to ulike anvendelser; sortering av trykksaker og sortering av drikkevareemballasje basert på etiketter der hhv. HS News Systems og Tomra er problemeiere.


SoundVision’s overall goal is to develop a new, innovative device that help visually impaired people to live more independently and actively. The device has sensors to detect objects in the surrounding environment. This information is used to provide navigation help and additional services via a mobile phone app.

Statistical analysis of genomic data

DNANR participates in the Bioinformatics Core Facility at the University of Oslo, where statistical services within bioinformatics are provided to users from the Oslo University Hospital and the University of Oslo. Our services include assistance in designing experiments, analyzing datasets and answering general statistical questions.

Statistical modeling of a melting furnace

A high carbon ferromanganese (HC FeMn) furnace is a melting furnace where manganese ores are reduced by coke in order to produce FeMn metal. Different reactions take place in different parts of the furnace, but there is a lack of information about inner furnace conditions due to a hostile environment inside the furnace.

Statistical modelling and analysis of unpaid taxes

We have developed a new model to estimate the amount of unpaid tax for each of Norway's 433 municipalities. The model is a logistic regression model that explains the ratio between the total amount of taxes paid and the sum of the claims, when one disregards the taxes that are paid voluntarily. We have studied the effect of several macroeconomic variables and variables which describe the resources available at the municipalities. In order to study the stability of the model, the model is fitted for several years with income data.

Survival analysis of wells

Certain oil fields have problems concerning sand slides and mineral deposits that cause wells to stop producing.
For the company operating the field, it is important to know the distribution of the time from the start of the well
production until these events occur. This information is used to estimate the lifetime of existing and new wells, and to
determine how many wells to drill.