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Robust estimering av ekstreme flomhendelser i Norge

Siden vannkraft utgjør om lag 95 %Hønefossen under 20.årsflommen i juli 2007. av kraftproduksjonen i Norge, er ekstremflom en trussel mot vår forsyningssikkerhet. Norges Forskningsråd, Energi Norge og kraftbransjen har derfor gått sammen med forskere fra NVE, NTNU, UiO, Meteorologisk institutt og NR for å komme fram til metoder for bedre flomestimering i Norge.

ROS – Robotstøttet språkopplæring i barnehagen

Nao-roboten foran en skole-tavleMålet med prosjektet er å utvikle og teste ut en innovativ løsning for språkopplæring i norsk for barn i Grorud bydels barnehager. Prosjektet er en del av Groruddalssatsingen som er Oslo kommunes og statens felles innsats for å skape varige forbedringer av utvalgte tjenester og nærmiljøer i Groruddalen.

SAIGUP - Impact of geological uncertainties on production forecasting

NR contributes to an international research project called SAIGUP. SAIGUP is an abbreviation for: Sensistivity Analysis of the Impact of Geological Uncertainties on Production forecasting in clastic hydrocarbon reservoirs. It is funded through the Energy Project ENK6-2000-20073.


SAMPOS – Strategies for Seamless Deployment of Mobile Patient Monitoring Systems

The aim of the project is to develop novel design strategies for seamless deployment of mobile patient monitoring systems. We will investigate low cost, low power and robust communication solutions, which are required to provide reliable, stable, and uninterrupted services in different patient networks and systems. We will define the term quality of services for patient confined networks, devices, and systems. The framework shall encapsulate end-to-end optimization strategies and secure transmission of patient sensitive data.

SARMA - Statistical Approaches to Regional Climate Models for Adaptation

Climate change research is associated with various kinds of uncertainty. Some are inherent (e.g. unpredictability from non-linearity of the governing physics), some reflect lack of computing power or precise knowledge (e.g. cloud processes). Some of the uncertainties can be unravelled using systematic sampling and exploration.


Oil spill detection in SAR images

Pollution by oil spills in open sea and coastal waters is a major problem due to frequent transport of goods by ships. Many ships dump oil illegally when they think nobody's watching. Monitoring of oil spills from ships is therefore a high priority task.


Satellite Based Mapping of Nature Types in Norway


Vehicle detection using satellite images