SoundVision’s overall goal is to develop a new, innovative device that help visually impaired people to live more independently and actively. The device has sensors to detect objects in the surrounding environment. This information is used to provide navigation help and additional services via a mobile phone app.

The project will have the following achievements upon completion: (1) create a low-priced, discrete, robust, and multi-functional device that serves the needs of visually impaired people, and (2) create an ecosystem for the SoundVision device for applications that leverage the device’s sensors, as well as the human-machine interface it provides.

The SoundVision project is part of a European Economic Area (EEA) program for developing innovating technologies and services that help elderly and persons with disabilities be more independent in their everyday lives.

NR’s role in the project

The Norwegian Computing Center is developing models based on machine learning that will be used for object detection based on data collected from the devices sensors. In addition, the Norwegian Computing Center is drafting requirements, will assist in localization work into Norwegian, and evaluating the device with visually impaired users.


Project period

20.12.2019 - 31.01.2022


EEA / Innovation Norway Grants: Grant Agreement No: 2019/104686



ScaleFocus AD, Bulgaria (project owner)

Adaptor Hjelpemidler AS, Norway

Synergia Foundation, Bulgaria