RISKnet – Norwegian and Nordic Network in Information Security and Societal Risk

RISKnet – Norwegian and Nordic Network in Information Security and Societal Risk

The goal of RISKnet is to establish a network of experts that strengthen expertise and readiness in industry, research and society. RISKnet will advance topics by providing a common meeting ground for researchers and practitioners in the field of IT security and risk management in order to identify and explore synergies between the RISKnet members.

NR's contribution

NR is the project manager of RISKnet. Additionally NR will be involved in the thematic work in RISKnet.

Benefit for society

Information infrastructures build an indispensible foundation for Norway's economic and community life. Infrastructures such as data networks, telecommunications, databases, financial transactions and web services pervade all of society's functions. Any accidental or intentional failure of such infrastructures can have a large impact on Scandinavia's and Norway's well-being.

With the fast progress of technology, many unanswered questions about the security and risk of electronic information and infrastructures remain. Risk assessment, risk analysis and the resulting strategies for risk reduction and secure operation are important activities that need an interdisciplinary environment involving the important stakeholders. In addition to being interdisciplinary these activities need to contain strategic elements in order to improve society and evolve over time. To archive this, the different stakeholders (policy makers, academia, research institutes, developers, practitioners and end users) need to be involved in the process.

Project results

RISKnet has held a number of workshops and seminars. These constitute the main results as RISKnet is a network project. Working meetings with discussion as part of the agenda was very favorably received.  In addition to regular meetings and seminars RISKnet have resulted in a number of research proposals with participation of several partners form Risknet.