Satellite Based Mapping of Nature Types in Norway

Nature types in Norway (NiN) is the new national nature classification system based on a systematic use of the scale (division into different levels) and a recognition of the gradual transitions in nature, and is expected to form the basis for the understanding and management of Norwegian nature types in the future. Nature systems are sometimes very detailed structured from the dominant gradients (ecoclines) and will in many cases form highly complex patterns in detail. NiN employs a consistent set of principles and terminology to describe nature variation at five different nature type levels: The substrate level, the ecosystem level (~1:5000), the landscape element level, the landscape level and the region level(~1:50,000 to 1: 1,000,000).

NiN is not designed to be easily mapped using remote sensing. Practical use of NiN, however, requires methods that are cost effective, and here remote sensing can be used as it has been used for species mapping. In order to utilize remote sensing data in this way, one must develop methods to detect features related to nature types in the spatial, temporal and spectral domain. There is no reason to believe that all possible nature types can be detected using remote sensing.

This project will evaluate how data from the Sentinel satellites, together with aerial photos and other high-resolution multispectral data (0.5-2.0m), may be used to support the nature management with analysis of spatial nature variation for identification and modeling of Nature types in Norway. We will also investigate how the Sentinel data may be used to detect changes of nature related to e.g. climate. The project aims to investigate the possibilities and limitation of the Sentinel satellites with respect to such analysis.

Latest project news

NR and The Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) has started a project on mapping and analysis of Nature types in Norway using remote sensing data. The main focus of the project is to investigate how satellite-based sensors may constribute to such analysis, in particular the upcoming Sentinel satellites. The study area selected for this project is the Dovre mountain area.

The projected is funded by Norwegian Space Center and The Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management.

Updated date: Thursday, November 15, 2012 - 11:14
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Norwegian Space Center and Norwegian Directorate for Nature Management