ENVISYS is a serious step towards the application of remote sensing and telematics to handle ENVIRONMENTAL EMERGENCY SITUATIONS in a much more efficient way than has been possible with traditional techniques.

ENVISYS provides a management, monitoring and control system for various public authorities in Europe concerned with the oil spills, their identification and due emergency warning, as well as the applicability of such a system towards a harmonised emergency environment for other natural disasters (forest fires, floods, etc.)

Apart from the direct monitoring functions, the existence of a sea monitoring system has a clear preventive action, by marketing and exploiting the satellite surveillance factor (since a major part of sea pollution comes from oil dumping in open seas).


The users of the ENVISYS technology will be regional, national and international authorities responsible for enforcing national & international law for marine environment. Secondary users are organisations and industry taking part in verification, assessment, and the clean-up activities.


The typical environmental emergency monitoring approach is to have a monitoring center supported by powerful information technology. The center is the central information node that finds and extracts the important information and distributes it to the users, like national and regional pollution authorities, counteraction forces and the public.

The ENVISYS project is focused on providing assistance directly to the involved Environmental Authorities, enterprises and institutions related to the environment protection.

ENVISYS is providing an integrated approach where cost effective solutions have been implemented to address the oil spills problem by providing:

  • Satellite imagery
  • GIS data
  • Meteorology data
  • Multimedia tools
  • Database

This decision support system will provide alternatives for addressing other natural disasters also, such as forest fires (a major problem in southern Europe) and floods.