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Facies modeling in channelized reservoirs - new object model

Modeling of geological facies is a vital task in the reservoir modeling process. Object-based facies models have a long and proven history of being able to represent geological information in a robust and consistent manner. Expert knowledge on depositional processes and their natural variability can be incorporated by geometrical descriptions of the different facies. This is particularly important for hydrocarbon flow and communication within the reservoir, and are commonly a major source of uncertainty.

Facies modeling in shallow marine reservoirs - stacking of mouthbars and clinoforms

The aim of this study has been to model the stacking of mouthbars and clinoforms in fluvial deltas using the Roxar RMS software. We have a used a combination of the RMS functionality like object modelling, truncated Gaussian fields and IPL scripting to create a model on mouthbar and clinoform scale. This modeling workflow has been developed and tested on the Panther Tongue outcrop data from Utah. The study was initiated and financed by Statoil and the RMS workflow and resulting model are Statoil proprietary.


Fault Seal modeling

Fault seal parameters are used to model the fluid flow through faults. This is done by calculating a fault seal parameter based on the lithologies next to the fault. This fault seal parameter is then used to model fault zone permeability and fault transmissibility multipliers which are used in the flow simulation.

The Havana software has supported modeling of fault zone permeability both for seismic and subseismic faults since the 1990's.


In this project funded by the Norwegian Research Council we have cooperated with CIPR at the University of Bergen on developing a concept for 3D modeling of the fault zone.

Forbedret verdiestimering av boliger

Eiendomsverdi AS har utviklet en algoritme som automatisk estimerer markedsverdien til en bolig, uten at man trenger å være tilstede i den aktuelle boligen. Algoritmen baserer seg på egenskaper ved boligen, som størrelse og boligtype, tidligere salgspris av boligen, samt salgspriser for lignende boliger i nærheten. Eiendomsverdis system benyttes for eksempel av banken ved refinansiering av og lånetilsagn for en bolig, og kan være en god pekepinn for takstmenn og meglere når en bolig skal selges.