Main activities

Main activities

The main acitivies NR is focusing on is:

Evaluation of the Sentinel satellites for support to space-time analysis of Nature types in Norway

We will evaluate for which type of nature variation and nature types it can be expected that the Sentinel satellites can provide data for analysis, identification and modeling, but also determine the limitations the Sentinel satellites have with respect to such analysis.

The evaluation will be based on the use of image-based properties, or indices, and we will examine how they describe the various relevant natural properties (ecoclines) that are essential for the identification and modeling of certain nature types.

Demonstrate the use of satellite images to determine the spatial distribution of snow in the melting season

This is a case-study work package that aims to demonstrate how to use satellite images to determine an essential ecocline for modeling of nature types, the spatial snow melting process. The outcome of work package will be snow maps as a function of time. These snow maps will help to better understand the local vegetation consequences of climate change. NR has previously developed methods for estimating the snow cover fraction in each pixel of a satellite images. These methods will be further developed and adapted to the Sentinel-2 images so that they can be used to create detailed maps of the melting time.