Work Plan

Work Plan


The project is divided into well-defined activity units - work packages. Each work package (WP) is sub-divided into tasks. The following work packages have been defined:

WP 1: Optical remote sensing of snow parameters
Development of methods for estimation of snow parameters from optical data: Accurate snow-cover-fraction estimation at the sub-pixel level, albedo, SW and, if possible, accurate free water estimation.

WP 2: Radar remote sensing of snow parameters
Experiments, modelling and analysis to improve the understanding of microwaves interaction with the snow cover in mountainous areas. Resulting from this work is improved algorithms for SCA, SWE and SW.

WP 3: Multisensor algorithm
Methods for combining and classification of optical and radar data for SCA and SW will be developed.

WP 4: Field campaigns
Field work and data acquisition will be handled within this work package.

WP 5: Assimilation and Integration of snow parameters in hydrologic models
Algorithms will be developed to implement the snow parameters derived from WP1-WP4 in distributed hydrological models.

WP 6: Snow Cover Information System

The project aims at developing a prototype distributed information system for integration, analysis and distribution of snow information. The distributed approach ensures direct access to the most up-to-date sources of information for authorities, researchers and the general public.

WP 7: User requirements, validation and demonstration
The end user requirements for products will be defined and form the basis for the algorithm development within the project. The methodology developed in WP4 will be validated in a semi-operational environment in a real-time demonstration

WP 8: Dissemination and Exploitation
Dissemination and Exploitation will ensure that the user groups are continuously informed about the project development and results. This activity generates interests among users and, therefore, supports the exploitation that will prepare the deployment of the system.

WP 9: Management
Management is running through the project lifetime and ensures a co-ordinated and concerted approach towards the project objectives in addition to carrying out day-to-day administrative duties.


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