Net citizen/Nettborger – Social media for all

Net citizen/Nettborger – Social media for all

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are extremely popular, be it for leisure or on a professional basis. They provide means for participation in the digital society and greatly ease communication and networking. Unfortunately, the various social media platforms far too often exclude persons with disabilities due to inaccessible and poor design. Hence, there is a considerable demand for new knowledge regarding the design, accessibility and usability of these new communication channels.

In Net citizen/Nettborger we aim to meet this demand. The primary objective of the project is to show how to design accessible and inclusive social media. Moreover, the consortium will develop a solution which demonstrates how social media can be used to improve the possibility for participation for all citizens.

NR’s contribution

NR focus was on user testing and evaluations, but we also worked on system development methods and relevant aspects associated with universal design.

Benefit for customers

Companies and individuals who adapt the proposed methods and processes may increase the number and size of their user groups, and they will benefit from being able to provide universally designed solutions with the least possible investment. Adoption of the of the methods may also result in adherence to new legislation demanding greater accessibility in ICT offered to the public.
Benefit for society

We envision more and more ICT development projects to take into account our findings. This may lead to the design of ICT solutions which are inclusive &mdasxh; allowing participation for all in the everyday digital life irrespective of age or disability.

Project results (preliminary)

Results are announced as they become available.