Hands on 3D utstillinger

Hands on 3D utstillinger

The Museum of Cultural History and the Norwegian Computing Center (NR) have developed a prototype for 3D-display of archaeological artifacts. At the Vikingship Museum in Oslo, visitors can interact with an object on a screen by using hand movements to move and match it, and zoom in on details. The object on the screen is a horse-saddle found in the Oseberg burial.

New technology is a prerequisite for the integration of new audiences in museums. This applies particularly to new generations who are increasingly using sophisticated technology on a daily basis. The Handson-3D project aims to bring the object closer to the audience through a direct management of the digital 3D-version.

Visitor using the installation at the Vikingeskipshuset

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Updated date: Friday, October 26, 2012 - 17:35
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