The EHRpathways project has developed an advanced Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution to the municipal health services market, in the context of daily care of chronic patients and elderly people. For the professional municipal nurses, the solution will simplify recording of health information, increased quality assurance, and operational flexibility. The solution includes: 1) An advanced graphical interface for the professional nurse, developed using participatory design; and 2) an advanced workflow support module that makes it possible to adapt the nurses' workplans to the specific needs of the patients and the specific diseases that challenge patients. The EHR solution is capable to control scheduled activities have been performed and that necessary changes to the treatment plan are triggered.

Our novel solution simplifies the documentation tasks that professional nurses meet, thus releasing time that can be allocated to other care-giving tasks. The workflow management system helps to avoid that the nurses need to report irrelevant or repeated health information into the EHR.

The specification and the graphical user interface design were developed under the supervision of our British partner, while both front-end and back end have been developed by the Norwegian project partners. Further, relevant pathways and workflows have been modeled using High Level Petri-net. The most relevant of them have been implemented and can now be run on the underlying Petri net engine.

By means of user-centred design, the system has been developed in close cooperation with selected Norwegian and British stakeholders. The project was initiated by the SMEs HospitalOrganiser and Alloy as a Eurostars project, and Nornir entered the project later. Together, they will bring a product to the market under the WellTogether brand. Norsk Regnesentral (Norwegian Computing Center) has acted as research partner and provided the Petri net-based workflow management support. Nord University contributed with expertise in healthcare to the project.

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