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Wednesday (sfi)² lunch

Dear (sfi)² friend

We have the pleasure to invite you to the traditional (sfi)² Wednesday lunch, which will happen every second week (but see exact plan below). As usual, we start at 12.00 in the lunch room of NR (Norsk Regnesentral) in the old Informatics building (called Kristen Nygaards hus, IFI 1) on the second floor. Around 12.20 we will listen to an invited lecture, which will last, with discussion, until 13.00. Free lunch! Take your colleagues with you.

We, as statisticians, need to understand better the global trends of science, and especially of sciences which are near to us. Therefore we have organised a series of lectures focusing on the fantastic developments of important sciences which have an impact on statistics or make use of statistics. These close cousins of statistics, share methodological approaches, face similar challenges, but also we diverge on fundamental research paradigms and on the type of results we can obtain. We wish to hear about the most recent trends in these disciplines, under the influence of new methodologies in the field, data types, and other important contemporary aspects. Experts will guide us in a rapid panoramic view of what is happening in these sciences.

These are the disciplines we are inviting: sociology, demography, bioinformatics, macro economy, operations research, statistical mechanics, nanophysics, linguistics, computer science, and more. Our speakers usually use about 25 minutes to present their material and ideas, and then there are about 15 minutes time for questions and discussions. Our lecturer are informed that we have a very superficial understanding of these sciences, if any.

Here below the first appointments, many other speakers have been invited. Keep the dates.


Arnoldo Frigessi and Anders Løland.

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  • The lunch has previously been prepared by Paradiso Import, Ingrid Hobæk Haff, Ola Lindqvist, Mathilde Wilhelmsen, Hege Bøvelstad, Marion Haugen, Siri Øyen Larsen, Bjørnar Mortensen, Steffen Grønneberg, Arnoldo Frigessi, Ida Scheel, Gudmund H. Hermansen, Bård Storvik, Linn Cecilie Bergersen, Elisabeth Orskaug. Takk! Takk!
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