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Teaching helps to organize the teacher's thoughts. Mentoring the next generation of scientists is helpful both for them and for the mentors.

University of Oslo Graduate School in Biostatistics

The University of Oslo Graduate School in Biostatistics is an inspiring and productive environment on a high international level for the training of a new generation of biostatistical researchers. The school provides Ph.D.-students with a broad range of courses and workshops in statistics and biostatistics, in order to give them the breadth and depth of knowledge needed to meet the challenges of modern biostatistics.

The graduate school builds on the Ph.D.-programs at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Oslo, and it operates as a joint activity of researchers from different departments and collaborating research groups. The school has staff and students at the Division of Statistics at the Department of Mathematics, the Department of Biostatistics at the Institute of Basic Medical Research, the Biomedical research group at Department of Informatics, and Norwegian Computing Center. Most of the staff and students are affiliated with Statistics for Innovation and with the centre for Biostatistical Modelling in the Medical Sciences.

(sfi)² organises and supports courses and training occasions. Follow the links below for specific information. Most courses require a registration.

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(Among three walking people, at least one will be able to teach you something; a Confucius saying.)

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