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Director Arnoldo Frigessi
Innovation director André Teigland
NR administrative responsible Lars Holden
Key-innovator, petroleum Petter Abrahamsen
Key-innovator, finance Kjersti Aas
Key-innovator, marine Magne Aldrin
Key-innovator, health Marit Holden

Visiting address
Statistics for Innovation
Norsk Regnesentral/Norwegian Computing Center
Gaustadalléen 23
NO-0373 Oslo

How to get to sfi2

(sfi)2 is at NR (Norsk Regnesentral), which is located on the 4th floor (4. etasje) of Kristen Nygaards hus (One of the two building of the department of Informatics, the older building), Gaustadalleen 23a/b.

Here is a map: the building with the yellow flag is where we are.

The tram from the centre stops in Problemveien under the subway bridge, which is drawn as two parallel lines in the map. Walk up Problemveien, 100 meters, until you pass the new Informatics building, and you can walk between that building and the other two in red, the second of which is where we are. Lift to 4th floor.

Some of our activities are at the Department of Biostatistics. To reach the department of Biostatistics, you can take the convenient tram. You buy a tram ticket from the tram driver for 30 kr. Take the tram line 17 or Line 18, in direction Rikshospitalet, from the centre of Oslo, and get off at the last tram stop, Rikshospitalet. At this point the building you want to enter is that on your left. Here is a map, where in red you see the Domus Medica building: (in blue the tram line). You enter the building Domus Medica (there is only one open entrance, follow where people come and go), go up one floor and then follow the sign “Statistikk”. the door to the department of Biostatistics is on your left. Here is a map of the building: Biostatistics is on the first floor, which is called second floor in Norwegian.

Postal address
Statistics for Innovation
Pbox 114 Blindern
NO-0314 Oslo

Telephone and fax
Telephone: (+47) 22 85 25 00
Fax: (+47) 22 69 76 60


(Expenses are covered according to the Government Travel Allowance Scale for domestic and foreign travel.)

The Airport Express Train is the best means of transportation to/from Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Taxi may be used from Oslo Central station to/from the hotel.

Usually, guests make their own travel arrangements, and get their expenses reimbursed. Business class is only reimbursed when other ticket options are unavailable and after agreement.

We have discount agreements with certain hotels, and room reservation is handled by our staff. We cover the expense of a single room. Additional costs of traveling with a companion are not covered.

Keep all original receipts. These must be enclosed with the travel and subsistence claim form when claiming reimbursement.

The forms travel bill, IBAN bank numbers, and travel and subsistence receipts should be sent to: Norsk Regnesentral
Statistics for Innovation
Pbox 114 Blindern
NO-0314 Oslo
Here is some help in filling out the forms Read me!,

  • Practical information for international guests at the University of Oslo and (sfi)2 is available here.
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